Tell Your Legislators: Vote Yes on the Coastal Master Plan

After months of public comment and input, the 2017 Coastal Master Plan was recently approved by the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Board - but our work is not done. Before it can be implemented and critical projects advanced to restore our coast, the plan must first be passed by the Louisiana Legislature.

The master plan aims to create a sustainable future for south Louisiana through a mix of coastal restoration, coastal protection and risk reduction projects. Statewide, an overwhelming 88 percent of Louisianans want their legislator to vote for the plan.

Without action, Louisiana could lose 2,250 square miles of land over the next 50 years, putting our communities, economy, natural resources and wildlife - our entire way of life - at risk. If implemented, the master plan will help Louisiana avoid this worst-case scenario and reduce damages, which could exceed $150 billion over the next 50 years without the master plan.

In addition, nearly 60,000 jobs will be supported by investments in coastal restoration and protection over the next 10 years.

The Louisiana Legislature is currently considering the 2017 Coastal Master Plan, but we need your voice to make sure it passes.

Tell Louisiana Legislators: Vote Yes on the Coastal Master Plan

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